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Sjø is a Rogue-like card game in which you play an explorer left to discover new continents.

It is up to you to manage your resources in order to survive as long as possible and explore as many islands as possible. If you run out of resources, you will have to try again. Discover new lands and treasures, Improve your boat and defend yourself against the dangers of the sea.

This game is a one month project to try procedural and 3d render. We hope you enjoy it aniway.

How to play

On each island, you must choose your one and only action. At the end of the action you travel to a next island, and consume food, if you run out of food, you lose one sailor on each island and if you run out of wood or sailors, you lose.

You only need a mouse to play.

About Us

La Boulangerie is a little group of friends making games. If you ever encounter a bug or have an idea to improve the game experience, feel free to tell us about it in the comments !

Sjø team :

Martin Chauveau - Game design, level design and art

Benjamin Peltier - Game design, level design and programming

Install instructions

The game comes in a .zip file. Extract all the files and run Sjø.exe to play !

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GenreCard Game
Tags3D, Roguelike, Unity


Sjo.zip 52 MB


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I got stuck too. The game runs but clicking on any button doesn't lead to a new event. In the event before this one in the picture (where I got stuck) I could only click on one button to progress, the other two did nothing. 

Thanks for the feedback, I will look for it. And actually you got an other bug, you shouldn't have three "Swifter Sails" x)


its really nice and fun game. i really enjoy it :)

btw I got bug sometime where stuck on island/meet pirate and ect. that i can't do anything.  for example. it won't let me continue even i click on all option i have

I got the same.

Ok, I will look for it, thanks for playing ;)

(1 edit)

I played and i liked it, but you should add a quit button

I will, thank you :)