A Pug In Time is a puzzle game in which you have to solve puzzles in order for your pug to win its precious bone.

We had some fun to make this between friends, we hope you will enjoy it. Peace and love. 

This game was made for the Ludum Dare 47, with the theme : Stuck in a loop.

Basic rules :

You have to reach the bowl or pick up the bones in the level to complete it.

The levels are cyclic, if you move trough the fog you will be teleported at the opposite of the level.
You lose if you (or one of your ghost) stop on the same block as another ghost.

How to play :

WASD for movement.

Chat and help:

You can join our discord server if you want to meet us and chat, or if you want the solutions of the puzzles in case you get stuck :P


About us :

Jordan "Kraghan" Bashttps://jordan-bas.com/
Martin Chauveau : https://papasucre.itch.io/
Gwendal Evrard : https://itch.io/profile/gwandalf
Meryem Erikci  : https://shakastrai.itch.io/
François Goasdoué
Benjamin Peltier : https://nylash.itch.io

Music : Happy Haunts - Aaron Kenny


A Pug In Time.zip 84 MB


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Nice game play and music. Would be nice to collect some stuff... (not only bones). For me its like more "interdimensional pug" :)))


The video game is very careful, and the puzzles are well developed and interesting to play. As a contribution I think it would be great if the pug has a shock animation when it wants to move to a collision direction, it can also help a small sound that indicates to the player that he cannot move in that direction. <3